Woolly Bear


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I had hoped to capture some late summer blossoms on a hike last evening, but the sun had already set beneath the tree line. I was excited when I spotted this guy, my first woolly bear caterpillar of the season. I shot it with my macro lens open wide, so the head of the caterpillar (at the bottom) is in sharp focus, while the rest of the body and the goldenrod are in softer focus. I finished it in muted tones reminiscent of a vintage photo from the 70s or 80s.

Two Mile Hollow Beach, East Hampton

twomile20150717_mockupology_girlholdingHORIZONTALposter_8_10 copy copy

I photographed this seascape at Two Mile Hollow Beach in East Hampton, Long Island in August 2018 while visiting dear friends there. We brought the dog to romp around and enjoyed the sunset.

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Vintage Inspired Ferris Wheel in Hot Pink and Cream

ferris20150717_mockupology_girlholdingposter_8_10 copy copy

I have always suffered from motion sickness, and it seems to get worse the older I get; I even have to watch from the ground as my family rides the Ferris wheel! The silver lining is that I have the opportunity to take photos of them…

This whimsical ferris wheel photo exudes a fun, summer carnival vibe in shades of bright pink and creamy ivory with some rainbow iridescence on the left side of the image.

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Forget20150717_mockupology_girlholdingHORIZONTALposter_8_10 copy_edited-1I photographed these sweet blue flowers on a trail in my town, although they grow in my yard, as well. I’ve always called them Forget-Me-Nots, but I learned that they are known as Scorpion Grass, as well. I also learned that they are in the genus, Myosotis, which comes Latin and Greek and means “mouse’s ear”, so named for the shape of the petals.

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Pink and Lavender Clouds

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The sky was so beautiful over my hometown last evening! My eldest daughter and I were up and down our street barefoot trying to dodge phone lines and tall trees blocking the view. I think it’s pretty enough to hang on the wall, so I’ve added it to my Etsy shop.

Moonlit Road Through Red Forest

I had fun creating this ethereal woodland scene I originally photographed on a hike in Massachusetts. It features a road leading through a red forest. Moonlight streams through the leaves, making dappled shadows on the forest floor. A dark gray vignette wreaths the perimeter of the image. New in my shops today, look here for the listing in my Etsy shop.

Barn and Country Landscape

DZ3A353312x8LOWBWShop here for this photo.

I photographed this barn and rural landscape in Central New York on a lovely October day while on our way to Howe Caverns (Caves! They’re amazing!) I am grateful that my family is patient every time pull over in the car to take photos…

Abstract Geometric Architecture, Venice, Italy


Two pastel yellow and terra cotta – colored buildings with hunter green shutters blend into one in Venice, Italy.

Japanese anenomes in Black and White

A bouquet of Japanese anenome blossoms photographed from above casts a long shadow on the linen tablecloth. These elegant flowers grew in abundance at our early-1800s Colonial in Central New York State. A click on the image takes you to my growing gallery at Saatchi Art, a new site for me.

Scheming, Quebec City

The last light of early evening casts shadows on an old building of four young people under a street light.

The last light of early evening casts shadows on an old building of four young people under a street light.